Best Appreciation “Award” Ever!

Sometimes things come your way that are a surprise. I will tell you about it. Life is great when this happens. It punctures the dull days with the unexpected and makes for a more exciting existence. It can be mundane as what happened to me. I feel compelled to write about a local hardware store in the neighborhood that I often frequent. I hope to help the owner who I know generate some new business. It is an editorial, not an advertisement, so it has more impact. People read such material for its credibility and objectivity. Thus it helps the particular business attract new customers. I am pleased to be able to use the power of words to help a friend.

The hardware store is a medium size business and is modern and up to date in inventory and appearance. It stocks a range of needed items so shoppers have choices of styles and prices. It is a functional space, clean and well organized. You can find what you need in minutes. The help is knowledgeable and can give advice. They will help you not only select the right tool or supplies but steer you in the right direction to execute your project. The owner is always there if more expert advice is required. You can’t go wrong in this store for any household or office need. You can get the tiniest things like nuts and bolts to larger items like a pole saw.

I am quite fascinated by a pole saw in that I don’t have one. I took a gander at close range and found one a cut above the rest, pun intended. It had a powerful 8-amp motor promising durability and performance. Plus, you get an eight -foot extension pole for ten feet of reach so you can have tool-less installation. It also boasts of a rotatable handle that makes trimming and pruning a cinch. Basically it is a chain tensioning system with an automatic oil pump and oil level indicator that lets you know when you are low.

What I like about a pole saw is that you don’t need to climb a ladder. You detach the pole after use and use the chainsaw part of the device to chop the fallen branches. I appreciate that this model is rather lightweight in spite of the power. You will avoid fatigue on log jobs. If you want a pole saw with multifunctional features, this one is for you. It is quick and convenient for most purposes.

Since I featured the saw in my article, and the store as a result sold several, they decided to show their thanks by giving me the one of my choice. I was of course super thrilled. I will make use of it in the yard shortly. Watch out neighbors. It is not for borrowing.