The Cost of Being a Digital Journalist

As a digital journalist, I have costs associated with my job just like anyone else who works from home. Of course, there is the computer, the tablet, the iPod, supplies, smart phone (latest model), phone bills, utility expenses, and more. There is the initial investment and ongoing upgrades and additions. It is pretty low cost as businesses go, but I always look for shortcuts. I use my phone a lot and initially got what I thought was a good data plan, but over time I have found this not to be the case. I run over every month and incur fees and charges. It was time to make a change. I found a better plan easily from a new mobile provider because the industry is so competitive. It takes some looking to decipher all the details about memory and data storage, etc. but it can be done.

I will also be looking at cutting costs by renting a room in my house to a suitable tenant. I want someone who is rather quiet and low key as I am often working through the day and also many evenings. When I get inspired to write, I want it to be possible on the spot. Another journalist might be a good idea. We can share space, although not equipment. I can do this for a short time to garner some funds with which I can do some remodeling in the office and add some new sound equipment. I have been wanting a home theater of modest sorts as well and maybe that will be possible. It is all because I am often home. Friends have to come over since I don’t always have time to go out. If I have an entertainment center, we can spend some no-work time. The tenant will allow me the option of a nice system. Why cut corners on something like this when there are other areas that are expendable.

Sure, the new mobile broadband plan for my mobile phone helps, but it isn’t enough. I have to get creative now if I want a new TV and surround sound system. This would be a treat and a luxury for someone like me. My home can be the focal point of activity in the neighborhood. I like the idea of attracting people to my abode. You can’t be too social, especially when you are often confined to home. I will need some advice about where to place it and what to include initially. I can add to it over time. You can spend a bundle so I will have to be judicious in my selections. I am about to go online as I always do when I need information and resources. I can ask the vendors as well and any friends or family with such a home theater set up. I am really looking forward to it. I love having saved money on my cell phone plan. It all goes into the pot for the new home theater.