Be the Guinea Pig

I love to chronicle what happens in my life. You could say I am a digital journalist, but you do have to have a good story to tell. Sometimes it is about mundane things. Not every day is eventful, but some are. Not every experience should be shared, but many of life’s trials and tribulations can be useful for other. We all learn from the wealth of activity humans undergo. There is usually a moral or a point that help someone in a similar situation. My current tale has to do with home remedies for athlete’s foot. Why not use my experience and not start from scratch? If you have ever had this nasty fungus, you know what I mean. Let me help you so you don’t waste time on worthless remedies that cost a bundle on the Internet. While there is no miracle cure, there are things that do work to some extent. If not, then by all means by that athlete’s foot spray at the drugstore.

But you don’t have to. If you have certain ingredients at home, especially in the kitchen, you may well find you can make a cure for little to no cost. I tried three remedies in particular and watched for results. I had heard about these recipes, but I feel you have to experience something to write about it. The first remedy is a kind of formula of ingredients you mix together in the correct proportions. You use one part bleach to one part lemon juice to one part essential oil such as lavender or pine. I applied the room temperature mixture to the affected area and left it on overnight for three days. It was not working so I tried it for another five days. I got better results.

I wanted a remedy that wouldn’t take so long. I used a combination of alcohol, glycolic acid, and vegetable oil. After four days, I saw the athlete’s foot clear up. I was pretty pleased but I promised you three ways to cure this condition so here is the final one. You mix vitamin C oil, vitamin E oil, and a strong exfoliating cream. It also produced results so at this point I say take your pick. It is a matter of the smell you prefer and the availability and cost of the ingredients. I am sure there are other recipes online because athlete’s foot is such a common and annoying condition. A great majority of people experience it at one time or another. But you can see that it is easy to cure without going to the pharmacy. The point is to take action so the fungus doesn’t spread to other toes. It usually starts between the fourth and last toe and a crack in the skin that starts to peel. Then it gets worse and may ooze if you don’t attack it right out of the box. Do yourself a favor and remember my suggestions.