Creating an Office Space

I love change. It can be significant or minimal; it doesn’t matter. Life has to move and progress. Days cannot be the same. Since they are numbered, make the most of them. I like to look forward to the new and interesting. I keep myself tuned into trends; I read a lot to keep up to date and I use what I learn in my writing. A lot of what I value means an improvement of life. Technological advancement has given us so much from iPads and tablets to smart phones and more. Every facet of my world has been touched by technology, even my home office.

I decided to put in a home office some time ago when I started writing extensively and found it hard to commute. Now it is time to upgrade a few things. I always get new equipment. That goes without saying Now I am thinking of buying a ceiling fan to keep the room cool without installing central air conditioning. Imagine the cost of the unit and the utility bills. Plus, I love the look of that rotating object on my ceiling. They come in may finishes and colors to suit every taste. You can get chrome or brass or glass fixtures according to the room’s basic décor. Why not coordinate the look and make the room extra nice? It isn’t just about functionality. So don’t get a boring fan that you won’t even notice. Have fun and find something different. After all, you spend a lot of time in your home office. Don’t spare any expense for the important accoutrements.

My home office is my retreat and I have also included speakers for my music. So I will sit under what I think is the best ceiling fan ever and bask in the breeze while I create journalism articles of import. I want to reach out to my readers so today’s blog is practical and expedient. Maybe I will motivate you to buy a ceiling fan yourself. Be sure to get one that has a control switch that can change the speed. You want to have options concerning the intensity of the circulating air. Put the switch on your computer stand or desk so it is close by and not across the room on a wall. It is, in effect, a remote-just like the one you use to dim the lights. The fan can have an overhead light built in so your switch will do double duty and alter speed and brightness.

If you are a writer, more power to you. It is important to have a pleasant environment. For each person, that is something different. So there is the lighting, the nature of your equipment, and the temperature of the room. If you have a window with a view, you are one of the really lucky ones. A home office is a luxury. Not everyone has an extra room or den. Take my word for it and make it special.