How-To Journalism

I like to chronicle the comings and goings of life, however mundane. After all, the world is full of mundane experiences so we can all identify. For example, most of us have a kitchen sink with a faucet. Most faucets get pretty old. We tend to ignore them until they stop working entirely. They do corrode and get clogged, so there is a time when you need to install a new faucet. Most people want to upgrade to a more modern unit. You might want cold and hot water appendages. You might want a flexible model so you can move it around the area for better rinsing. You might want a water filter attachment or an extra-long neck so you can put large pans underneath for washing.

If you go to a hardware store or a fancy appliance depot, there are a lot to choose from to suit your needs and taste. Think about how you use a faucet and it will become an easy decision. Then there is the cost factor as well. For myself, I prefer to select a top-grade model and install it myself to save money on labor. If you check out YouTube, you will find multiple examples of explainer videos that provide how to instructions. As a digital journalist, I also suggest reading an instructional piece. I have written them on many subjects including installing faucets to educate my readers. I hope they are helpful and are the go to material to help do the job quickly and efficiently. I don’t suggest you go the trial and error route. You might get to a dead end. If the faucet is installed incorrectly, you may resort to a plumber to fix your bad handiwork.

So listen up. In my instructional piece I describe what tools you need to get ready in advance. I also include diagrams of the latest trend, pull down kitchen faucets in addition to the more traditional style models. I suggest that if you write similar documents, you include a variety of types so the reader doesn’t have to search and search for his or her particular faucet. Then you go step by step and guide the installer in making the connection with a wrench. There will be no welding involved. It usually screws on to an obvious place. It may take a little strength but most people can do it. In your writing, including tips and tricks that the reader should understand before starting.

Installing a faucet is not genius work like fixing a toilet might be. There are certain plumbing activities that take knowledge and skill. But not installing a faucet or shower head. That’s pretty routine. Any digital writer should learn to be comprehensive and clear. Don’t leave out any steps or the installer will run into trouble. The steps must be in th4e proper order as well. If you do it right, you will help many people with this task.