More than I Ever Needed to Know

I am a digital writer and I cover a lot of ground. I chronicle the activities of life, anything from clearing up toe fungus to renovating a bathroom. People do things themselves: it is a DIY world. I think this is because you can get ideas and instructions and how to material on almost any subject. It is quick and easy these days to get information. Maybe fixing up a bathroom requires special skills and you need to learn them or else get a plumber. You can, however, select your own toilet by looking at all the innovations on line. Toilets have come a long way baby and you can take your pick of shape, size, and functionality.

Toilets can be self-cleaning so you don’t have to labor over them every day. They can be hands free, sleek and modern, or retro in design. I am doing a feature right now on the new models. One of the oddest of course is the Japanese toilet that cleans you as well as itself. It has a spray mechanism that goes to obvious places. I suppose it is a health benefit and worth the cost. You can get a low-water unit that saves you money. Most people are now going this route. They don’t take much water to flush, plus they work faster and more efficiently. If you are renovating a home and want to go fancy, they still make toilets in colors to match your tub and sink. The seat is detachable and can be the same color or white. You can pick the type of metal used for the handle—again, to match your other fixtures. Large toilets seem luxurious but small ones take up minimal space. You have a lot of variables to consider before you set about looking and factoring in price.

I think it is great fun to remodel a bathroom. In the olden days, they used to be plain and simple with maybe some basic white tile. Now people want spa amenities and a sense of luxury. They feel that this is relaxing. The bathroom used to be purely functional, but now it is a substitute for the spa. People want Jacuzzi tubs with spray jets and they want special shower heads that are oversized and have various options for water disbursement. They go for an inlaid rock floor so the feet are massaged as you shower. They want to be engulfed by steam. They expect the same high standards for their toilet. It can’t be merely routine. They also want the attractive toilet paper holder to be close by. After all, we use a toilet several times a day. Why not make it a positive experience? If it looks good, it will matter.

There are many other factors when choosing a new toilet but these are the basics. You can make a list and see if you can match it perfectly to a particular model.