Research isn’t Just for Work

As a digital journalist, I research a lot on line. The Internet is my basic resource since most everything on every subject is there. I do articles for pay and credit the Internet for much of the background information. But research isn’t just for work. I have personal interests that require many hours in cyberspace. It could be related to my favorite sports—getting player stats and scores—or other hobbies. I like how-to videos on YouTube and have used them extensively for DIY projects. It’s all there my friend. Just try any search engine and you will see the results. It doesn’t take long to be an expert on line. If you do it enough, you will understand the shortcuts and how to evaluate the material you retrieve. If it is really good, I print it out or archive it. I then have a repository of relevant articles. These are things that pertain to my on-going life.

They are also things that I use to tackle problems at home. For example, my water heater just stopped working. Just like that it conked out. I was irritated as I had the feeling it couldn’t be fixed. I saw a big expenditure looming on the horizon. I called a plumber and sure enough I was right. This old monster was never to heat water again. I had forgotten how old it was, just like my house. Water heater need replacing from time to time, even if it is after many years. It is an essential item so I was on the lookout for a replacement. The Internet once again was the resource and I found water heater reviews at the Home Water Center.

There are so many models on line that it is overwhelming. I couldn’t see the differences other than size, but the new ones are small and have digital readings. I did get a sense of a rough price estimate. I had my start but no conclusion. It was time to read the reviews and hoped that they were accurate and honest. This item would be delivered and then I would have to have it installed. I thought best to run my top choices by the plumber. What would he recommend? He said that water heaters had changed enormously over the last few decades and they are much improved. They save on utility bills now that they are so efficient. He showed me how to get a discount. This would help offset his fees for installation of the new unit. It all seemed perfectly planned.

I am now enjoying the luxury of a state-of-the-art water heater that works fast and seems never to run out of hot water. This is important for those of us who like steamy showers, and who doesn’t? My research paid off and shows how valuable it can be for non-work issues. In fact, I spend more time on line for practical purposes than for jobs. Who ever goes to a library these days? Now you don’t have to leave the couch.