What should I write about?


This is one of those questions that you will ask yourself at the beginning of your writing journey. You will also probably ask yourself the very same question every day afterwards. The ‘what’ is perhaps the most important thing in terms of drawing content together. When you begin your digital journalism journey you will probably have thought about what kind of writer you want to be. After all, there are numerous writing styles out there and potential subjects that you could write about. Everybody needs a niche to some extent, even if that niche is quite broad. Many of the most successful bloggers or vloggers write or talk about a wide range of material under the banner of ‘lifestyle’.

So, you need to decide if you are specialising in a particular field. If you do indeed have a niche then you can begin to research that niche in detail and your articles or posts can be based broadly around that subject area. Online search engines are a great tool for an online journalist. You should particularly think about trying out the ‘news’ section of these search engines, as they will provide you with really interesting, often local, examples of topics. This might provide you with inspiration.

Personal experiences are usually the best thing to write about. After all, you know what has happened to you and what you think about it better than anybody else. Accounts of personal experiences tend to be popular with readers because they seem to be more engaging for some reason. Why not write about somebody you met or a place that you visited? If it links to a broader theme or something topical that is going on in the world at the time then all the better.

You should be careful not to overthink when you are considering what to write about. If you overthink then it is likely that you are going to have too much material to write about and end up writing an essay rather than something suitable for a piece of online journalism. It can be tempting to write longer pieces and some readers do enjoy going through them. However, these readers are likely to be a minority and you are much better off writing shorter pieces that people can engage with quickly and easily. People seem to have a very short attention span on the internet and it doesn’t really need to be said how much competition you have out there in terms of other writers vying for the attention of a wider readership. Keep it short and to the point and you are more likely to have success.

More than anything, write about stuff that you are passionate about. This will come across in your writing if you have a passion for the subject. Nobody wants to read something that is dull so why bother writing about it in the first place. A good writer should be able to make the driest topic interesting.